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Area Cemeteries

Local Cemeteries

Rochester Gates Fairport Greece Henrietta Irondequoit Pittsford Webster

Regional Cemeteries

Avon Batavia Bloomfield Caledonia Canandaigua Chili Churchville Clarkson Conesus Dansville Garbutt Geneseo Groveland Hamlin Honeoye Falls Iona Leicester Lima Livonia Mendon Mt Morris Mumford Nunda Ogden Ossian Parma Penfield Portageville Rush Scottsville Sparta Spencerport Springwater Sweden Teed Corners Victor  Wadsworth West Bloomfield West Sparta Wheatland York

Brighton Cemetery Hoyt Pl. 14610  
Grove Place Cemetery 2775 Chili Ave. 14624 594-1994
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery 2461 Lake Ave. 14612 458-4110
Mt. Hope Cemetery Association 1133 Mt. Hope Ave. 14620 473-2755
Riverside Cemetery 2650 Lake Ave. 14612 254-7039
Gates     Top
Holy Ghost Cemetery Coldwater Rd. 14624  
Cemetery Howard Rd. 14624  
Fairport     Top
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Orchard St. 14450  
Greenvale Rural Cemetery East Church St. 14450  
Greece     Top
Jewish Cemetery Chesterfield Dr. 14616  
Waad Hakolel Chesterfield Dr. 14612  
Falls Cemetery Ridge Rd. 14626  
King's Landing Cemetery Lake Ave. 14615  
Charlotte Cemetery River St. 14612  
Mother of Sorrows Cemetery Mt. Read Blvd. 14616  
Henrietta     Top
Whitaker Cemetery East Henrietta Rd. 14623  
Brinnstool Cemetery Erie Station Rd.    
River View Cemetery East River Rd. 14586  
Maplewood Cemetery Middle Rd. 14467  
East Baptist Cemetery Reeves Rd. 14467  
Tinker Cemetery Castle Rd. 14623  
Brown Cemetery Goodburlet Rd. 14467  
Irondequoit     Top
Irondequoit Cemetery Culver Rd. 14622  
St. Casimir's Cemetery Hudson Ave. 14621  


Cemetery Park Rd. 14534  
Pittsford Cemetery Association 164 Knickerbocker Rd. 14534 385-5900
White Haven Memorial Park 210 Marsh Rd. 14534 586-5250
Pittsford Cemetery Washington Rd. 14534  
Pioneer Burying Ground South Main St. 14534  
Webster     Top
Union Hill Cemetery Ridge Rd. 14580  
Webster Union Cemetery Assoc. Inc. 345 Webster Rd. 14580 265-2890
Cemetery (behind Holy Trinity Sch) Ridge Rd. 14580  
Webster Rural Cemetery 1087 Ridge Rd. 14580 872-1153

Regional Cemeteries

Avon     Top
East Avon Cemetery Lakeville Rd. 14414  
Bronson Hill Cemetery Bronson Hill Rd. 14414  
Johnson Cemetery Jones Bridge Rd. 14414  
Littleville Cemetery Littleville Rd. 14414  
South Avon Cemetery South Avon Rd. 14414  
Avon Cemetery Rochester St. 14414  
St. Agnes Cemetery Linden St. 14414  
Batavia     Top
Batavia Cemetery Harvester Ave. 14020  
Grandview Cemetery Clinton St. 14020  
St. Joseph's Cemetery Harvester Ave. 14020  
Elmwood Cemetery Harvester Ave. 14020  
Bloomfield     Top
St. Bridget's Cemetery Michigan St. 14469  
Brockport Cemetery Association High St. 14420  
Mt. Olivet Cemetery off Canal Rd. 14420  
Lakeview Cemetery 4988 Lake Rd. 14420 637-0650
Caledonia     Top
St. Columbia Cemetery Route 5 14423  
Canandaigua     Top
Woodlawn Cemetery Pearl St. 14424  
West Ave. Cemetery West Avenue 14424  
Pioneer Cemetery West Ave. 14424  
Chili     Top
Presbyterian Cemetery Chestnut Ridge Rd. 14624  
St. Pius X Cemetery Chestnut Rd.    
North Chili Rural Cemetery Buffalo Rd. 14514  
Buckbee Rural Cemetery Union St. (Rt. 259) 14559  
Joseph Morgan Cemetery Jarrett Rd. 14546  
Churchville     Top
Creekside Cemetery N. Main St. 14428  
Clarkson     Top
Garland Cemetery Ridge Rd. (Rt. 104) 14430  
West Clarkson Cemetery Route 104 14430  
Conesus     Top
Alger Cemetery Rowland Rd 14435  
Mc Millian Cemetery Route 15 14435  
Union Cemetery Route 256 West Swamp Rd. 14435  
Arnold Cemetery North St. 14435  
Dansville     Top
Greenmount Cemetery Greenmount Ave. 14437  
Kidd-Fronk Cemetery Kidd Rd. 14437  
Holy Cross Cemetery Route 63 14437  
Garbutt     Top
Garbutt Cemetery Union St. 14546  
Geneseo     Top
McCallion Cemetery Groveland Rd. 14454  
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Route 20 A 14454  
St. Mary's Cemetery Crossett Rd. 14454  
Temple Hill Cemetery South St. 14454  
Groveland     Top
Williamsburg Cemetery Abele Rd. 14462  
Pioneer Cemetery Route 63 14462  
Lakeview Cemetery Gray Rd. 14462  
Glenwood Cemetery Groveland Hill Rd. 14462  
Hamlin     Top
Blossom Cemetery Roosevelt Highway 14464  
Lakeside Cemetery Moscow Rd. 14464  
Cemetery Walker-Lake Ontario Rd. 14464  
Honeoye Falls     Top
Honeoye Falls Cemetery North Main St. 14472  
St. Paul of the Cross Cemetery West Main St. 14472  
Iona     Top
Millers Corners Cemetery County Road 14 14475  
Leicester     Top
Leicester Cemetery Leicester Rd. 14481  
Lima     Top
Cummins Corners Cemetery Corby Rd. 14485  
Baptist Cemetery Plank Rd. 14484  
Old Methodist Cemetery Lake Ave. 14485  
New Methodist Cemetery College St. 14485  
St. Rose Cemetery Evergreen St. 14485  
Livonia     Top
St. Michael's Cemetery Shelly Rd. 14487  
Powell Cemetery Route 15 14487  
Oakridge Cemetery Coe Rd. 14487  
Harder Cemetery Harder Rd. 14487  
Short Cemetery Route 20 A 14487  
Hemlock Cemetery Clay St. 14487  
Livonia Union Cemetery Big Tree Rd. 14487  
Mendon     Top
Goffs Cemetery West Bloomfield Rd 14506  
Miller Cemetery Bull Saw Mill Rd. 14506  
Tomlin Corners Cemetery Boughton Hill Rd. 14506  
Mendon Cemetery Pittsford-Mendon Rd. 14506  
Quaker Cemetery Quaker Meetinghouse Rd. 14506  
Cemetery Rush-Mendon Rd. 14506  
Cemetery Mendon Center Rd. 14506  
Mt Morris     Top
Oakhill Cemetery Short Track Rd. 14510  
Dutch Cemetery Dutch St. 14510  
Riverview Cemetery Ridge Rd. 14510  
St. Patricks Cemetery Murray St. 14510  
Mt. Morris Cemetery Mt. Morris-Nunda Rd. 14510  
Mumford     Top
Mumford Rural Cemetery Flint Hill Rd. 14428  
Nunda     Top
Chatauqua Hollow Cemetery Route 70 14517  
Oakwood Cemetery West St. 14517  
Union Cemetery Birdsall Rd. 14517  
Dalton Cemetery Church St. 14517  
Seagers Cemetery Telegraph Rd. 14517  
Cooperville Cemetery Creek Rd. 14517  
Ogden     Top
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Gillett Rd. 14428  
Maple Grove Cemetery   14428  
Tanglewood Cemetery Bower Rd. 14624  
Ossian     Top
Wood Cemetery Ossian Hill Rd. 14437  
Ossian Center Cemetery Ossian Hill Rd. 14437  
Westview Cemetery Route 436 14437  
Parma     Top
Parma Center Cemetery Parma Center Rd. 14468  
Hoosick Hill Pioneer Cemetery Manitou Rd. And Rt. 104 14468  
Smith Family Pioneer Cemetery Route 259 and Dunbar Rd. 14468  
Wright Family Pioneer Cemetery Hamlin-Parma Townline Rd. 14468  
Sage Family Pioneer Cemetery Clarkson-Parma Townline Rd. 14468  
Castle Family Pioneer Cemetery Peck Rd. 14559  
Atchinson Family Pioneer Cemetery Hill Rd. 14468  
Parma Corners Cemetery Union St. 14468  
Penfield     Top
Oakwood Cemetery Whalen Rd. 14526  
Smith Cemetery Gloria Rd. 14526  
Mason Road Cemetery Mason Rd. 14450  
Grove Place Cemetery Chili Ave. 14524  
White Haven Memorial Cemetery Marsh Rd. 14534  
Elmwood Cemetery Carter Rd. 14450  
St. Mary's Cemetery Turk Hill Rd. 14450  
Cemetery Wilkinson Rd. 14450  
Perinton Center Cemetery Ayrault Rd. 14450  
Portageville     Top
Oakland Cemetery Stone Rd. 14563  
Hunts Hollow Cemetery Route 70 14563  
Col. Williams Cemetery Short Track Rd. 14563  
Rush     Top
Pine Hill Cemetery Rush-Scottsville Rd. 14543  
North Rush Cemetery Rush-Scottsville Rd. 14543  
Scottsville     Top
Holy Angels Cemetery Caledonia Ave. 14546  
Sparta     Top
Reed Corners Cemetery Reeds Corners Rd. 14437  
Dutch Cemetery Reeds Corners Rd. 14437  
Sparta Center Cemetery Ross Rd. 14437  
South Sparta Cemetery Route 63 14437  
Clark Cemetery Liberty Pole Rd. 14437  
Rau Cemetery Powell Rd. 14437  
Reed Cemetery Reeds Corners Rd. 14437  
Spencerport     Top
St. John's Cemetery Evergreen St. 14559  
Fairfield Cemetery Union St. South 14559  
Cemetery Route 31 14559  
Springwater     Top
Capron Cemetery East Ave. 14560  
Pleasant Valley East Cemetery Tabor Corners Rd. 14560  
Pleasant Valley West Cemetery Moose Rd. 14560  
Christian Church Cemetery Wheaton Hill Rd. 14560  
Evergreen Cemetery Reynolds Gull Rd. 14560  
Erwin Cemetery Carney Rd. 14560  
Fort Farm Cemetery Dutch Hollow Rd. 14560  
Ashley Cemetery Ashley Rd. 14560  
Green Gull Cemetery Canadice Rd. 14560  
Mount Vernon Cemetery Kellogg Rd. 14560  
Sweden     Top
Lakeview Cemetery Lake Rd. (Rt.19) 14420  
Locust Cemetery Orleans-Monroe County Line Rd. 14420  
East Sweden Cemetery Sweden Walker Rd. 14420  
Teed Corners     Top
Taunton Cemetery Peoria Rd. 14481  
Victor     Top
Cemetery Route 96 14564  
Boughton Hill Cemetery Victor-Holcomb Rd. 14564  
St. Patrick's Cemetery High St. 14564  
Wadsworth     Top
Greigsville Cemetery Rt. 36 14533  
West Bloomfield     Top
Pioneer Cemetery County Road 37 14585  
Rural Cemetery Route 5 & 20 14585  
West Sparta     Top
Union Corners Cemetery Presbyterian Rd. 14437  
Woodville Cemetery Buck Rd. 14437  
Kysorville Cemetery Kysorville Rd. 14437  
Byersville Cemetery Stoner Hill Rd. 14437  
Oaklawn Cemetery Green Rd. 14437  
Wheatland     Top
Wheatland Baptist Cemetery McGinnis and Harmon Rd. 14428  
Oatka Cemetery Scottsville-Mumford Rd. 14428  
Quaker Cemetery Quaker Rd. 14546  
York     Top
Toggletown Cemetery Route 20 14592  
Inverness Cemetery McVean Rd 14592  
Job Wood Cemetery Federal Rd. 14592  
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Mt. Pleasant Rd. 14592  
Old Scotch Cemetery Rt. 36 14592  
Pleasant Valley Cemetery Retsof Rd. 14592  
Olivet Cemetery Stewart Rd. 14592



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