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Rochester Funeral Homes is the only local funeral planning site of its kind. Our research has shown that Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens alike are online and looking for this information. Home offices are on the rise with these age groups, and they come complete with Internet access.

The information age has graduated to real-time contact through the Internet. Our visitors need your advice with estate planning, taxes, legal issues, and the difficult task of planning their funeral or the funeral of their parents. We also know that out of town relatives want help ordering flowers.

The U.S. Census predicts that in 2005 there will be 85 million citizens over 50 years of age---many of them are already using the Internet for information gathering and advice. In addition, Generation X is well aware of the need to plan ahead for themselves, and possibly for the task of caring for their parents. Advertising on Rochester Funeral Homes is a cost-effective, dynamic way to reach this target market. Best of all, the Internet operates 24/7 forever! People can find you anywhere, anytime-in the comfort of their own home, at their leisure.

Traditional advertising is an investment we all understand. You are most likely advertising in the yellow pages, or the local paper. You may have radio spots or TV commercials. Internet advertising is a more powerful marketing tool than any of those venues. Online, your ad will be viewed by people who are actively looking for the qualified information it provides.

ROCHESTER FUNERAL HOMES will give you a positive return on investment if you are in these businesses:

  • Funeral Homes
  • Florists
  • Monument companies
  • Cemetery managers
  • Legal Advisors
  • Estate Planners

Rochester Funeral Homes is prominently listed in ALL the top search engines.  Your ad will be viewed by more than 7,000 visitors per month.  All these folks are looking for information relating directly to your business!   Can you afford to ignore the chance to reach so many potential clients...

YOUR business has answers they need---let them find you at a click of their mouse.  Your company name and location may be listed for free in our directory, but give your clients and customers ALL of your information upfront.  Check out the options below.

We offer basic listings that include your company name, address, phone number and a brief description for a modest fee.  But, don't stop there!  Offer your potential clients even more information with an extended listing.  With an extended listing you choose from a menu of add-on options that include: an expanded business description, a website link, email options for your customer's convenience and a map to help customers find you.

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